GATE chemical engineering subject wise weightage

GATE chemical engineering subject wise weightage: In the GATE Chemical Engineering examination, we need to allocate our study time wisely to each subject as per their weightage. All Chemical engineering subjects are important in the Academic curriculum but in the GATE-2023 Chemical Engineering exam, we have to look upon the subjects as per the weightage they hold. Therefore, To provide help to you in the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE-2023), we have presented GATE Chemical Engineering subject wise weightage below.

Gate Chemical Engineering section-wise Marks Distribution:

Bonus Tip: in your preparation keep running both General Aptitude, Engineering mathematics side by side as it will boost your rank up.

Type of Questions(A) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)
(B) Remaining types
1. Multiple Select Questions (MSQ) and/or
2. Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions
Questions for testing these abilities>Recall
>Analysis and Synthesis
Number of Questions10 (GA) + 55 (subject) = 65 Questions
Distribution of MarksGeneral Aptitude: 15 Marks + Engineering Mathematics: 13 Marks + Subject Questions: 72 Marks = Total: 100 Marks

GATE Chemical Engineering Subject wise Marks Distribution:

GATE Chemical Engineering subject wise weightage

Before presenting the table of GATE Chemical Engineering subject wise weightage, we would like to give you a disclaimer that these marks distributions are not fixed. Marks weightage is decided after analyzing the previous year question papers of GATE Chemical engineering. The marks Distribution can vary a little bit but it will give you an idea about subject wise marks arrangement and will help you in your exam preparation strategy.

Find below the summary table for GATE Chemical Engineering subject wise weightage.

GATE Chemical Engineering SubjectWeightage(Marks)-GATE 2023
Engineering Mathematics13
Heat Transfer8
Mass Transfer8
Fluid Mechanics8-10
Process calculations4
Basic Thermodynamics3-4
Solution Thermodynamics4-5
Mechanical operations4
Chemical Reaction Engineering9-11
Process Dynamics and Control6-8
Plant Design and Economics4
Chemical Technology4-6
Total Approx 90-100
GATE Chemical Engineering subject wise weightage

Chemical Reaction Engineering syllabus divided into two parts Homogeneous and heterogeneous carrying the weightage of 8-10 and 1-2 respectively.

You should check the GATE Chemical Engineering syllabus 2022, which includes all topics of the GATE chemical syllabus and examination pattern.

FAQ : GATE Chemical Engineering subject wise weightage

What are the subjects in GATE for chemical engineering?

Engineering Mathematics, Aptitude, Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Process calculations, Basic Thermodynamics, Solution Thermodynamics, Mechanical operations, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Process Dynamics and Control, Plant Design and Economics, and Chemical Technology are the subjects in GATE Chemical engineering.

What is the weightage of GATE exam?

Generally, In most PSU recruitment 70 % weightage is given to GATE exam score for the recruitment drive.

Which subject has highest weightage in GATE exam?

Engineering Mathematics has the highest weightage in GATE exam other than aptitude which common to all the engineering branches. Engineering mathematics carries around 13 to 15 marks the GATE exam.

What is a good gate score for chemical engineering?

More than 75 marks in tha exam can fetch you a good GATE score in chemical engineering exam.


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