Aptitude Syllabus for GATE general aptitude for gate

Aptitude Syllabus for GATE is common for all the subjects and proved to be a rank booster for every Top ranker. GATE 2021 organizing authority mentioned explicitly the Topics must be covered by a candidate appearing for the GATE 2021 exam.

GATE 2021 aptitude syllabus splits into 4 sections – Verbal Aptitude, Quantitative Aptitude, Analytical Aptitude, and Spatial Aptitude.

General Aptitude Syllabus for GATE 2021

S.No.Aptitude syllabus sectionSub-section
1Verbal AptitudeBasic English grammar, Basic Vocabulary, Comprehension, and Narrative sequencing
2Quantitative AptitudeData interpretation, Numerical computation and estimation, Mensuration and geometry, Elementary statistics and probability
3Analytical AptitudeLogic, Numerical relations, and reasoning
4Spatial AptitudeTransformation of shapes

1. Verbal Aptitude

Basic English grammar: tenses, articles, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions, verb-noun agreement, and other parts of speech,

Basic vocabulary: words, idioms, and phrases in context Reading,

Comprehension and Narrative sequencing

2. Quantitative Aptitude

Data interpretation: data graphs (bar graphs, pie charts, and other graphs representing data), 2- and 3-dimensional plots, maps, and tables

Numerical computation and estimation: ratios, percentages, powers, exponents and logarithms, permutations and combinations, and series.

Mensuration and geometry

Elementary statistics and probability

3. Analytical Aptitude

Logic: deduction and induction Analogy

Numerical relations and reasoning

4. Spatial Aptitude

Transformation of shapes: translation, rotation, scaling, mirroring, assembling, and grouping Paper folding, cutting, and patterns in 2 and 3 dimensions.

General Aptitude Syllabus for GATE pdf

How many marks GATE 2021 aptitude syllabus carries in the GATE exam?

GATE 2021 aptitude syllabus carries 15 Marks out of Total 100 Marks in a GATE paper.

General Aptitude15 (5 Questions 1 Marks+5 Questions 2 Marks)

Importance of Aptitude syllabus in GATE 2021

  1. It holds 15% of the total marks of the GATE examination and proved to be a rank booster by many GATE Top Rank holders.
  2. Questions in the General aptitude sections are very common and generally related to our daily life that helps to solve them easily.
  3. Questions from the Subject sections can be complex and there is a possibility that you can’t solve them in stipulated time whereas General aptitude Questions asked in the GATE exam are a bit easier relatively and we do enough unconscious practice of these aptitude questions.
  4. Little intense regular practice can help you to score full marks in the General aptitude section of your GATE paper.

Bonus Tip

Regular 1 hour Daily practice of the previous year’s general Aptitude question can readily fetch you 12-13 marks.

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FAQs: Aptitude Syllabus for GATE 2021

I know you have a lot of questions regarding the General Aptitude(GA) section of your GATE paper. I am going to cover as many as possible questions.

Does the gate have aptitude?

Yes, As GATE stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. To check certain qualities in a GATE qualified it contains General Aptitude (GA) carrying 15 Marks and a rank booster section of a paper.

What type of aptitude questions are asked in the gate?

Aptitude questions in the GATE paper are asked from 4 different Sub-sections – Verbal Aptitude, Quantitative Aptitude, Analytical Aptitude, and Spatial Aptitude.

How can I get full marks in gate aptitude?

By following these points you can score maximum marks in it: 1) Make it your habit. 2) Brush up on basic concepts. 3) Dedicate fixed minimum hours to Practice GATE aptitude questions. 4) Solved previous years’ questions of all the Subject papers.

How can I learn gate verbal ability?

Learning Verbal ability is not a game of a day. You have to be a consistent English reader/listener. While learning keep these points in your mind – 1) Grammar rules. 2) Note down every new word you encountered. 3) Recall all the noted points once a week. 4) Practice Questions from previous year papers of all subjects.

What is quantitative aptitude?

Quantitative Aptitude is just your ability to develop techniques to handle numbers in a well-fashioned manner within minimum time. It tests you on quantitative, logical, and analytical grounds.

If still you have any questions please let me know by commenting below.


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