Like you, I was curious about the subjects in Chemical Engineering that I am going to study in the future. You would get plenty of opportunities to study many different subjects in course of duration of Chemical Engineering.

Many Institutes restructure the Chemical Engineering curriculum for their Bachelor’s and Master’s programs whenever needed by keeping mandatory subjects common for all.

The list of subjects for Chemical engineering is endless but don’t worry I would list them all in a systematic way so that you can make your decision wisely.

Chemical Engineering subjects in B Tech

Chemical Engineering Subjects First year

In the B Tech Chemical Engineering first year, you would learn basic to a bit advance of the following subjects just to make you familiar with all the aspects of this competent world.

Chemical engineering Subjects in First year do not cover core Chemical engineering subjects they are just like a warm up before starting a rigorous exercise.

This would help you understand the real world so that you can engineer any part of it as per the requirement. Some of the First-year chemical engineering subjects can vary from college to college but majorly consist of the below-mentioned.

Sr No.First-year Subject
3Mathematics I
6Engineering Mechanics
7Human Resource Management
9Engineering drawing
10Personality Development
subjects in chemical engineering first year

First-year engineering syllabus is common for all the branches in India. From 2nd Year onwards you will get to know about your core engineering subjects.

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2nd Year: Chemical Engineering Subjects

Sr No.3rd Sem Subject4th Sem Subject
1Mathematics IIMathematics III
2Object-Oriented ProgrammingMaterial Science and Engineering
3Mechanical OperationsChemical Engineering Thermodynamics
4Chemical Process CalculationsHeat Transfer Operations
5Fluid MechanicsChemical Technology
6Object-Oriented Programming LabChemical Technology Lab
7Fluid Mechanics LabMaterial Science and Engineering Lab
8Mechanical Operations LabHeat Transfer Lab
subjects in chemical engineering second year

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3rd Year: Chemical Engineering Subjects

Sr No.5th Sem Subject6th Sem Subject
1Nano Science and Nano TechnologyProcess Engineering and Economics
2Energy TechnologyInstrumentation and Process Control
3Mass Transfer Operations IMass Transfer Operations II
4Chemical Reaction Engineering IChemical Reaction Engineering II
5Hydrocarbon EngineeringEnvironmental Engineering
6Process Equipment DesignEnvironmental Engineering Lab
7Energy Technology LabReaction Engineering and Control Lab
8Mass Transfer Lab
subjects in chemical engineering third year

4th Year: Chemical Engineering Subjects

Sr No.7th Sem Subject8th Sem Subject
1Transport PhenomenaIndustrial Safety & Hazards Management
2Process Plant DesignModeling and Simulation
3Chemical Engineering ComputingModeling and Simulation Lab
4Departmental Elective IDepartmental Elective III
5Departmental Elective IIDepartmental Elective IV
6Open Elective IOpen Elective II
7Industrial Practical Training
8Project Phase IProject Phase II
subjects in chemical engineering fourth year

FAQ: Subjects in Chemical Engineering

How many subjects are in chemical engineering?

There are about 10 core subjects in Chemical engineering. Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, and Chemical reaction engineering are the important subjects in Chemical engineering.

How many subjects are there in 1st year engineering?

All engineering students have to study the same 10 common subjects in the 1st year of Engineering course.

Is JEE compulsory for chemical engineering?

No, JEE is not compulsory for Chemical Engineering but if you would like to take admission in IIT/NIT or any CFI of India you should have a good rank in JEE.

Is 1st year engineering hard?

No, As I said, “the difficulty level of 1st year exams is just easy to moderate level and you can easily score good CGPA/percentage in the 1st year of engineering.

How long is chemical engineering course?

Like other Engineering courses you can complete Chemical engineering degree in minimum 4 years.

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